Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday, Sunday...

Good morning!

Let's see...all the posting opportunities that I've missed in the last week or so... April Fool's Day! No one got me and no one tried. And I didn't, either! It's a sad world when there isn't enough time to play.

But we did take off for Opening Day and attended the game, which thankfully the Reds WON! Steinvic was off the rest of the week, but I had to work, and also worked yesterday, so I am just worn out. Flat out tired and wishing I had another day off to do all the things I want to do.

These dream tasks are mostly just a few, short weeks, our family is increasing by one.

No, we are not having a baby. (Do you really think I'd be able to keep that a secret this long?!) But we did find the right puppy for us, and he will be coming home the weekend of April 23!

If you read here, you know we've visited shelters, done research, made inquiries and even had one puppy lined up that we were pretty sure (at first) we'd get.

But in the end, Fate knew best and Steinvic found a little guy online. Almost from the start, we were certain he was the one. Once we communicated with the owner, we were 100%. She is lovely and professional and is committed to the health and happiness of her pups.

We've named him. We've been stockpiling supplies, researching training and potty plans and plotting daycare for him...

And soon, we'll post photos. As soon as he's with us, you'll get to meet him. But for now, dream puppy dreams with us... ...and grab a broom and a vaccuum and help me get this place ready for our new, tiny friend!

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