Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Am Vertical

You know, a whole day at home, where I could work and organize and purge and clean and watch stuff on TV would have been great.

Being home sick and looking around at all the things I wanted to do was not cool. I did have a few, small bursts of energy. I stripped the bed, Lysoled it and washed our comforter, then redressed the bed with fresh linens.

I put all the purses my Mom has made me (they are so amazingly beautiful) that are not currently in use into a giant basket in the closet.(They were silently plotting to take over our upstairs.)

I dressed the guest bedroom bed. I took a hot shower.

I tethered the budding orchid stems in our orchid forest to stakes to help them grow tall and straight. We're going to have so many blooms soon!

I washed clothes and cut vegetables for dinner, even though Steinvic sweetly offered to bring something home instead.

I answered work emails and tried to keep things moving, even though I wasn't really with it enough to be productive.

And each time I did one of these small tasks, I got sweaty and tired and would have to sit down to rest.

I am not good at the sitting thing. I like to be doing something. I have a hard time sitting still or lying down. Usually, either one of these things leads to sleep almost instantly. (Just ask Steinvic!)

But today is Young Man's concert and I am NOT missing it. So, I woke up, got my act together, showered, spruced up complete with heels and hosiery and skirt, applied my essential layers of makeup (which, I believe, has medicinal purposes)and did my hair and here I am. I will drive up to his university this afternoon and meet up with Steinvic for the recital, then I will come on home once we've enjoyed his music.

As I told a colleague when I arrived at work this morning and she asked how I was feeling, "I've been better, but some days, you just gotta suck it up and deal!"

The key is to get vertical. The rest will follow.

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