Monday, April 18, 2011

Update to A Product Endorsement - Incoco

Do you remember when I wrote the post about Incoco's Dry Nail Applique, and how excited I was about this wonder-product?

I feel I should give you an update. They are no longer available at Walgreen's. And before that, they reduced the number of appliques in each packet, making it tougher to squeeze two manicures out of one packet. (Not impossible, just tougher.)

I should have known this was coming...when Steinvic and I were in Vegas in January, I got all happy because I saw these Incoco kiosks set up in the common areas on The Strip and also in a couple of the shopping areas of the casinos.

After spotting a few, I said to Steinvic, "Do you care if we go over there? I mean, just to see if they have new or different stuff than back home?" and he said of course...he is super-patient with my quest for beloved products, and I try not to abuse that patience by knowing exactly what I want before dragging him into a drug store or Sephora or Ulta.

I asked the representative, "Are you selling the kits or just applying manicures for people?" because I didn't need a new set at the moment...I was wearing a new set. But I would buy some to take with me.

She only half-answered me by affirming, "Of course!" (To which part of my question?) And leading me closer to this monster display of nail-goodness.

I said I'd like to buy a kit and asked how much, and she replied, "$35."

I tried to not sound astonished when I asked, "For one set?!"

"For a set of three," she replied, smiling a big, Crest Whitestrips smile.

" know, I'm just going to wait and buy them when I get home." I didn't want to sound like a cheap-ass, but there is a huge difference between $5.99 for one set and $35.

"Where are you from? You have Incoco there?"

I explained I was from Ohio and that, to be honest, my Walgreen's carried them and they were much, much less.

"Well, they won't be there much longer, we're going to stop selling them there. The best I can do for you is three sets and I'll take off $5, so three for $30."

I no-thanked her kindly and we shuffled along. I told Steinvic she was out of her mind, that I'd just bought the set I had on at Walgreen's before we left and I was sure I could get more.

And I did. Over the next few weeks, I bought the remaining packages at my store, only in the colors I loved.

And then they were gone.

You can still buy Incoco appliques directly by shopping online at the Incoco website. I haven't for a couople reasons...when they show a shade on sale or on clearance, it doesn't show up at that price in your cart. And, when I've paid $5.99 or less for something, I have a hard time paying double for it, even if I love, love, love that product.

I guess...I loved the convenience and performance of Incoco for a cost, but for double the cost, I'll just use polish and have to wait a bit for it to dry.

In the meantime, Sally Hanson has its own version out now (strangely still not on their website for me to link to) These do not adhere as seriously as the Incoco did, and the Sally Hansen version costs between $8 and $10 for a set (which like Incoco, if you're slick, you can fashion into two sets) but doesn't have mainstream colors or french, which was my FAVORITE, since even with my mad art skilz, I've never been able to do my own french manicure and have it look right.
So...farewell Incoco...hit me up if you ever go on sale...

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Anonymous said...

I heard they were going to be sold 'somewhere'! Like Ulta or some such place. I love them too & discovered Incoco at a kiosk at Planet Hollywood Miracle Mile. Chose assorted colors
I think 10 sets for $60 Inc the French set.