Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Still Smell Bleach

Last night, I power-cleaned our main bathroom.

Aside...when I typed that, my fantasy of having entire rooms I could actually powerwash came back into my mind. Wouldn't it be awesome if your bathrooms and utility rooms could be powerwashed regularly?! Big old drain in the floor to take down all the excess water? I digress...

Anyway, as I told Steivic on the phone last night (he's in you really think I'd waste a perfectly good evening that I could spend with him on scrubbing the bathroom instead?!) we are two of the most hygenic people on the planet, and we keep up on the regular maintenance very well, but ever so often, you gotta do a deep clean. DEEP.

The thing is, all of these hours later, I can still smell the bleach. I think it's trapped in my nostrils. Is that possible?!

And is it possible that I'm in Nesting Mode over our new dog, who arrives Saturday? Or am I in a Spring Cleaning mindset? Or panicing because Young Man and Girlfriend arrive next weekend?

No matter what, I was on a tear last night.

When I hear myself saying things like, "I used Oxy-infused Brillo Pads to scrub every surface in the bathroom," I realize that I sound a little nutty. However, if you have an older home with a bathroom that needs refinishing, and you don't care if you get little scratches, using a Brillo Pad is the way to go. (Actually, it takes about three do all the tile in the tub and shower area plus the tub itself.)

After you do that, why stop? Why not get on your hands and knees and scrub the floor? I thought I was going to break our Swiffer Wet Jet by scrubbing too hard. Seriously. So, hands and knees won out. Washed the inside tub mat, washed the bath mats, washed the shower liner (go green and just wash don't need a new one) and curtain.

So yeah, something's up. But damn, that bathroom is CLEAN!

We have all of our pup's supplies ready for him now and Saturday is the BIG DAY! We are excited. Young Man is excited. J and her kids are excited. Mom and C are excited. Even my sister (who I don't hear from very often) and her kids are excited and I know this because they sent a giant care package for the dog. Wow! And a very kind colleague bought him a fleece jacket, which tickles us. The whole world is excited about this little guy. It's going to be fun!

I hope the bleach smell leaves soon, though...I don't want it canceling out the sweet smell of puppy breath. :)

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