Monday, April 11, 2011

No Allegra For Me

I think I'm experiencing the side effects of Allegra. I'll let you know in 24 hours if I start feeling more normal...I felt so bad this morning that I googled "side effects Allegra" and was knocked out to find that most of what I've been whining to Steinvic about recently were all right there for the reading. I didn't know if I was still sick or what, but after reading, I'm thinking it's the Allegra.

Of course, I make this stunning revelation the day after I purchased and opened a 15-pack. Which we bought because the 5-pack seemed to work. And I will say, Allegra does keep my eyes from itching and watering. But it also makes me nauseous, dizzy and unable to breathe.

Water, water, water. I can't stop drinking it.

A colleague just described a detoxification she experienced on vacation last weekend...a mud wrap at a spa and a soak and all these other waterfallish, massagish, meditative, warm treatments and if my body could salivate, it would have done so.

Steinvic and I need a vacation together. We need sunshine and walks. We actually had a walk-date followed by grilling something planned for this evening and it's raining and cold out, so unless something magical happens, we will not be scampering around outside.

This weekend, Steinvic reserved our room for the U2 concert we've got mid-summer and we booked transportation (we're gonna try Greyhound instead of MegaBus this time!) This is the concert to replace the concert that Bono had to cancel last year when he injured his back and had emergency surgery. So, we're definitely ready for this show!

We also purchased Young Man's main 21st birthday gift and did some plotting toward Mom's 70th birthday gifts. We uploaded Young Man's recital on YouTube (This took much longer than I anticipated. We thought it would be all instant. It wasn't. Each 3-5 minute song took more than an hour to load. What is up with that?!) and e-mailed it out to the family.

For as short as the weekend was, we accomplished a lot. Well, Steinvic did! He did the trip-planning and also helped me around the house and ironed. I worked Saturday morning. I whined around yesterday because we had plans to meet a friend at 3. I just couldn't get it together. And I'm so tired today.

I'm blaming Allegra. I hope I snap out of this soon...

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Anonymous said...

Hope you feel 100% better soon!