Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another Endorsement (for which I will not be compensated) - Incoco Dry Nail Applique

Long ago, I used to be one of these chicks who "gets her nails done." Then, I realized how much money I was spending on fingernails...FINGERNAILS. And I realized that there were many other things that I wanted to spend $80 per month on, so I stopped.

But I, like all decent, well-groomed humans of the female persuasion, like to have nice-looking hands and feet. So, I'd religiously paint and manicure my finger and toe nails at home. Steinvic even bought a homespa for my feet! (Which I love and still use...Thank you, Steinvic!)

So here is the question on the home nail painting: Who in Sally-Hansen-hell has time to wait for nail polish to dry? I mean, isn't that even an expression to describe boredom: "I'll just sit around and watch the paint dry..." Who has time for this?! I gots thangs to do!

Enter Incoco Dry Nail Applique, a.k.a. Savior to My Finger and Toe Nails. I thought, "Surely this won't work. Surely it won't stick to my nails. Surely it won't last and it will just peel off." I was so sure that this product would fail. After all, all the sixty-second-dry stuff is bogus, as well as the 10-day-no-chip stuff. I've been lied to, and friends, you know how that feels.

Guess what?! I was wrong! This product does precisely what it says it will do. And isn't the Truth a rare and glorious thing? Especially in the world of advertising? Amazing!

My favorite shade is Fairy Dust, a French manicure kit. No more screwing around with those little crescent moon strips that leave adhesive on your nails and contain gloppy white tip polish that won't dry ever!
Sized differently, you get 20 appliques in each kit. I have found that I can make use of both sets included in the package, whether or not I use the French or color appliques. If the applique looks a little too small, you just simply, carefully, gently stretch it over your nail from one side to the other. It works for me...and if I can do it, you can, too. You may need to practice. Well, Incoco has thought of that, too: inside every container is a two-applique sample of another shade in it's own little packet!

Watch the little video on Incoco's Web site, then haul your cookies over to Walgreens to pick some up, because they have exclusivity on Incoco.

By the way...no reason for your tootsies to feel left out of the Incoco game. For a minute, Incoco offered a toe version of the dry nail applique. They've apparently discontinued it. There is no stopping me: I use the finger kit on my toes! Yes, I have to shape the appliques a wee bit, but for 3+ weeks of no chip, no scuff wear and zero dry time? I am cool with shaping.

My walgreens carries the solid colors for $4.99 and the French kits for $5.99...you can often find in store coupons to make them even more affordable. Enjoy!

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