Monday, June 1, 2009

Another Short Week...and other stuff

Happy Monday and Happy June, y'all! After a glorious and wonderful weekend with Steinvic and his awesome son, I'm back at it, getting my act together and working away.

Why working so hard? Well, because we're taking days off on Friday and Monday and heading to St. Louis to see our very dear and wonderful friend, Em. Em is awesome. We've been friends for let's see...about eight years now. She and Steinvic get along famously and that makes me happy. She's going through a bit of a rough spot right now, so our timing turns out to be spot on, because our girl could use a visit from people who love her, as well as an opportunity to pull on her finest Party Pants and blow off some steam. So, that's just what we're gonna do. So...that's this weekend. (It's only Monday, and I'm already drooling over the weekend...where is my dedication today?!)

What else...OH! I am getting my hair chopped tomorrow. I have postponed this appointment like...three times now. Partially because I didn't know what I wanted to do, and partially because other stuff came up during those weeks, but Steinvic helped me by finding some photos of shorter cuts that I like, and I think I'm finally ready to do it. I've had short hair before, but it's been about five years. I could only be so fortunate to look as fab as Helen does with her new 'do... hers isn't exactly short, but it looks amazing! So...wish me luck.

Finally, I have been wanting to post a profile on my high school reunion site for a while now. But, because I'm private, I've hesitated. To be more specific, there is someone out there who I simply don't like knowing much about me and my life. But...I thought about it this last week and I decided, screw him. To keep myself from doing something I want to do is to allow him to still have a hand in my life, and he doesn't. I've worked very, very hard to be independent and to move past the horrifyingly ugly disaster that was once my "marriage" and I've done a great job of that. So, dammit, I posted. I haven't submitted a "now" photo, and what I did say about myself was friendly and also reasonably vague, but at least I'm out there. The nice thing is that there is a "send this person a message" button that doesn't reveal your e-mail address, but allows people to send you a hello if they like. That way, those who want to get in touch, can. So, it's a small yet bold move for me, and I feel good about it.

So, that's that! I hope you're ready for a glorious June...

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