Thursday, May 28, 2009

Buy This Shampoo (another endorsement for which I will not be compensated)

This shampoo - Loreal Absolut Repair - is AWESOME. If you know me, you know I don't like to spend moolah on myself. Steinvic occasionally says things like, "Please quit using cheap hair stuff on your hair," because my hair is sometimes a disaster and he wisely knows that the cheap stuff makes it worse. (Steinvic, however, has amazingly gorgeous, thick, wonderful hair...grrr...) It's kind of nice that he wants me to splurge on hair stuff, possibly because my hair-bitching is annoying, but probably because he thinks I'm worth it. I'll go get it cut and styled or even colored and then end up doing things to it myself to try to extend the life of that service. Just doesn't work out so well. know my true affection for bargains. To me, it's only a bargain if it's something you use regularly and find a deal. But sometimes, "bargain" extends to making a discovery of an extremely discounted, usually very pricey product you've always wanted to use, but never tried because it was too expensive.

I was at Meijer a week or so ago because I had a gift card (got TWO in the mail for some reason, just $5 off any purchase) and needed a couple things that I can only get there. I wandered past the clearance end caps in the makeup/hair aisle and saw this shampoo...had been $20, marked down to $6. I saw Loreal professional, neofibrine (which I'd read about) and reconstruct on the label and thought, gonna try it. $6 is more than I'd usually spend on a try, but what the heck.

This shampoo is amazing from the first use. After two weeks, my dry, fine, hair has body. It shines. I don't even have to use conditioner - which weighs fine hair down - because the shampoo is fixing the damage. I actually even like my hair today!
So, I'm scouring the Internet for somewhere that has the best price because I may have to start splurging on this shampoo. (They only had the one, lonely bottle at Meijer.) So, what are you waiting for? Go try it. You'll thank me! I mean, if it works on my pitiful locks, imagine what it could do for you...

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