Thursday, May 28, 2009

Does it Really Matter? I Mean...Really?

So...there is a "housewife" (who really isn't a housewife any longer, because she is a single Mom instead now...) on the Real Housewives of New Jersey who apparently has a shady past. The commercials for the next episode of this "reality" show have been advertising the big reveal about Danielle's history since the show ran earlier this week. Apparently, her mug shot is in a book, one of the wives (who doesn't like Danielle) came across it, and decided to tell the other housewives - and the world - that Danielle has a criminal past. And I what? She's a character...
  • She's admittedly had two years relations with some guy she met on the Internet. This is the guy who also stood her up when they were supposed to meet in person. I have the feeling that he was not as Gucci Model as his "guccimodel" screen name suggested!
  • She offers to duck into the bathroom with her current boyfriend, because she's "so bad..." and this is like a totally upscale place.
  • She brags that she was engaged 19 times before getting married to her former spouse/father of her children.
  • She loves, loves, loves money. Wants money. Needs money. Loves expensive things.
  • She claims that she was once a professional dancer.
Now, this 1980s kidnapping-drugs-stripper info is out there. So? Big deal! I mean, isn't what society hopes for anyone who has a "life of crime" or not-so-great living conditions is that they get their cr*p together and have a better, decent, respectable life?

She seems mostly to be just...human. A loving, active mom and who wants to befriend the other wives, though they - for the most part - don't like her. She doesn't work, but she works out and keeps herself up. She lives in a big house with lots of clothes and jewelry and I have no idea what she does all day, but isn't that a life style that lots of people call "living the dream"? (I think it sounds kind of boring, but, hey!)

So, she needs to spin the heck out of this story instead of crying and go, "You know, I didn't want to brag, but I'm a success story. I had a sh*t life and got my act together. I married well, had two beautiful girls and I keep a nice home. I'm even making bank on this show that you people are obviously watching, so take a lesson!" She could even get on Oprah or Dr. Phil if she plays her cards right...imagine the attention!

What a mess... Moral of the story, if you're going on a reality television show and your mug shot was once in a book that is supposedly out of print, make sure it's REALLY out of print! Sheesh!

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