Friday, May 8, 2009

Perfect for a Friday Afternoon

Ever so often, if you're lucky, you'll stumble upon a Web site that makes you laugh until it hurts.

Through a post on Dlisted, I found Awkward Family Photos and then had to log off that site because I could NOT quit giggling.

(I am at work. I am, like, one of two people in the department this afternoon, save for my boss, who has an office about 20 feet away from my cube. Uncontrollable giggling right now is NOT a good idea!)

If the photos and captions don't get you, the comments will. Good gosh, so freaking funny...

p.s. If you choose to click on that Dlisted site and he has posted something kind of nasty, I am not taking responsibility for it. I adore the site and Michael K is hysterical, but on some days, the filter between his brain and his fingertipsonthekeyboard must be airing out somewhere outdoors, because dude says precisely what he thinks, uncensored. And sometimes, it's kinda bad. Just be warned.

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