Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memories of Memorial Day

Wonderful weekend! I hope yours was, too. Steinvic got home (best part of the weekend!) and suprised me with a bottle of Finlandia - so sweet of him! - and we went out for a bit on Friday to our local. We slept in and lounged on Saturday, and decided we needed to watch Goodfellas and have Italian that evening - great idea! We saw friends on Sunday at our local, and after a good friend of ours came over to cook out and chill for a bit. Monday was a day of just relaxing...excellent!

Earlier on Sunday, we did go to the Taste of Cincinnati. We hadn't been for a few years. This year, it was along Fifth Street, by Fountain Square and I have to say...don't like it. Being near the Square is always nice. But the one, long, stream of slow walkers - and even stoppers - down the center of the street was frustrating. Slow walkers, stoppers and - bless them - stroller pushers should all go up on the sidewalks. That way, they can take their time and not block the road for the normal walkers and fast walkers.

But that aside, we had fun. We always have fun! But here is where you might think we're insane - we didn't eat anything. No, really. We did have some drinks, but we were pretty hot and had a good breakfast so...we just didn't see anything that called out to us. Eventually, we ducked into Rock Bottom Brewery for a "real drink" (there was no vodka to be found at the Taste this year) for me and a real ladies room, as opposed to the portalets (which actually turned out to be 100x nicer than the loo at RBB). We shared an appetizer there, so...we did eat at the Taste but not at the Taste.

I wish that Steinvic had been to the Taste when it was still as I remember...my Dad took me a number of times when I was a kid. Spacious, lots and lots of music, very non-commercial, tiny portions for $1 or $2...that was key as you could try lots of different things. Now, it's like crazy busy and giant portions, higher cost. It's still cool, because...hey, when else can you walk around downtown Cincinnati with a beer! And we love going downtown. So...we'll for sure be back...we're sure his son would dig it. And hey, next time, you should come along...

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