Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I've Got the Fever...

We had the best weekend. We did home things and car things and still managed to get up to the art museum and to our favorite neighborhood. We walked and talked and dreamed outloud our hopes of living there one day. We cooked out on our newly jazzed up patio. We slept in. It was a wonderful weekend...and thanks to Steinvic for treating us to zippy car washing kits, a new hose, and decor for the patio - so appreciated!

Doing a bunch of good outside stuff has struck me with home improvement fever. AND, I found myself with an entire evening, unbooked. This is a rarity in my life, though I'm not complaining. So, I stopped at Home Depot and bought some paint for the hallway/foyer/up-the-stairs area of the house.

I got home and decided...it was early enough and I had to have a walk. So I laced up and started out the door, planning a quick walk. Funny thing is, my feet took me a different direction and I ended up taking a GIANT walk. I still made it home by seven.

I watered everything I'd planted on Saturday. Love watering!

I started a healthy pizza (no, really, it was! Single serve, home made, only the good stuff.) in the oven and began taping the edges and baseboards while the pizza baked, thinking that if I finished that part last night, tonight I'd actually paint.

I took a break and ate my pizza. Sighed. It was about 8:00. I had to start painting...couldn't wait for today!

While I only finished the little hall, the foyer and up onto the landing, I have to say, WOW. It had been white and even that was old and smudgey from the previous owners (yes, we've lived with it for almost five years this way!) Now it's a creamy earthy light tone, like a chai-latte, and it's lovely. I got to a stopping point around 9:30.

So, I'm sore but so happy to walk down the stairs and not think, "Ugh," which is literally what I've thought every time I've reached the bottom of the stairs until this morning.

It's coming together and is finally starting to feel like home. I know, it takes me a while. Tonight - up-the-stairs...

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