Thursday, May 14, 2009

Palm Centro = Tha Bomb

I have been whining about my cell phone for almost as long as I've had it. It doesn't even have a brand name on it, so I can't even share that with's a "free phone" that Verizon gave to us when we signed up for the Family Plan a few years back.

I truly am glad to have a cell phone at all, but I used to have a magnificently beautiful, wonderful, functional Nokia with my last carrier. I switched to Verizon for a number of reasons (don't tell me that you won't restore my maiden name without a copy of my divorce papers, you nosey BANK didn't even need that) and had to give up that phone. Since money was especially tight, we were happy to have the free phones.

They worked fine for all of us, but at some point in the year, Steinvic's acted up and his cousin graciously gave him hers, which I think is an LG, because she'd recently upgraded. Steinvic's son hasn't complained about his, but bless him, he is a grateful kid who generally doesn't complain about anything. And, he just wants to be able to text and talk with his pals, and for that, the free phone is fine.

But for me? I've been lamenting over the multipurpose fantabulousness I enjoyed with my Nokia, so we've been phone researching. I mentioned this to Steinvic's sister-in-law who busted out with "you can have this Verizon-ready Palm Centro I won in a raffle if you want it" because she just got new phones for her and her daughter.

So, this post is about how cool Steinvic's sister-in-law is and how much I love this phone:

  • She is awesome and I'm trying to think of something wonderful to do to thank her since she will not accept money for it.
  • This phone actually lets me access the Internet and e-mail, which rocks since my home computer died.
  • This phone doesn't seem to drop calls, and the speaker phone on it actually works.
  • It has Google Maps on it.
  • It's cute.
  • I like the keyboard on it and can text much easier.
  • It reminds me of my old Nokia as far as feel goes. (can't find a photo but this is close)
So, what should I do for her? Steinvic suggested a gift card, and that is a possibility, but I was thinking of something more... I don't know. Some exotic flower blubs that will greet her year after year is something I've been thinking for the last day or so. I may have to research that.

In the meantime, I'll be taking calls in style...

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