Thursday, May 21, 2009

Why Buy It? Make It!

I kind of dig the Ed Hardy sunglasses...some of the clothing is a little over the top, but I think the shades are kind of cool, so long as they don't have a ton of rhinestones on them.

But here's the deal...I don't wanna pay $175 for sunglasses for myself.

So, for the last few months, I've been on the lookout for sunglasses that I could use to make my own groovy shades. And last night, I found a pair...usually $14.99 on sale for $9.99. Sweet!

I found some Ed Hardy Temporary Tattoos a few months back when I first got this idea. The whole pack (about 50 tattoos in all) was about $5.

I found some in the pack that I liked and affixed them to the sunglasses, same directions as applying them to skin.

I let them dry then carefully applied two coats of clear nail polish.

And now I have my own, very groovy, Ed Hardyesque sunglasses. And they cost about $10. What do you think?

Meanwhile, something has happened to my gmail account. I can't access it. I click the directions for when you've forgotten your password.

That prompts an e-mail link to my other e-mail account, and I go out there and click that.

It sends me to a window which asks me to answer my temporary question in the box below. Here is the kicker - my temporary question asks: "temporary question?"

What the heck? That isn't a question! So, I can't answer it, right? No idea what to put there.

So, I click the link that says, "if you can't answer the question, click here to reset your password by an e-mail sent to your alternate account."

I do that and the whole cycle starts again! The p*sser is that this was the account I used in conjunction with my new phone, so now, no e-mail on my phone. Can't figure it out...maybe I'm not cut out for this much technology! Sigh...

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Anonymous said...

Groovy glasses, you groovy chick!