Friday, May 22, 2009

Fabulous Friday

TGIF! And a long weekend with Steinvic to follow. And the weather is phenomenal. And it's payday. What else could anyone want?!

My big project o' the week was painting the hall/foyer/stairwell area and it's finally finished! Looks lovely. It really is amazing what a nice coat of paint can do.

So, I'm headed out the front door this morning and the LARGEST mosquito I've ever seen smacks me in the face and dizzies on into the house. I didn't even know what it was at first, but I look over at the landing and see this giant mutha. Now, I'm flipping out because a) I'm trying to get out the door so I won't be late, b) I don't want this thing in the house because it's nas-tay and I think it might kill us in our sleep and I have such a horrible reaction to bug bites of any kind and c) guess where this b*tch has landed? On the freshly painted wall!!!

How do you whack a mosquito without jacking up the paint job you've spent hours perfecting? Very carefully. RIP, mosquito... no mess, no reminders.

And, speaking of whacking, what did I say? Bless those New Jersey Real Housewives...the husbands may really be livin' life slightly Soprano Style!

Anyway, for the weekend? Hopefully, a little bit of this. If you've never been because you think it's just music and food and beer and crowds and that doesn't appeal to you...stay home! Seriously...imagine a really professionally put on festival, in the heart of Cincinnati, with some great bands, sunshine and taste-size portions of some very yummy local food. If you're from here, avoid the stuff you can easily get anytime - in other words, if you get a slice of LaRosa's while you're there, you're missing out. Go for the restaurants you've heard of but never tried, or those that have won some of the Best Of awards. Same goes for the's a big deal for anyone to get to play this event, so listen to something new...Fun times!

Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! See you on Tuesday...

p.s. Yes, I am aware that the truck in the featured masterpiece, Attack of the Killer Mosquito,(another five-minute work of art, brought to you courtesy of my warped brain and the creators of Paint) strikes an odd resemblance to a previously discussed truck. The similarity is purely coincidental...

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