Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Finally Catching Up Here...

...and it's Tuesday already, so let's do it in list format...

Great weekend with Steinvic...any surprise there?! We had a good time at the Reds' Civil Rights Game festivities. While it was too hot and we were too beat to stay for the whole game, it sure was neat to be in the presence of legends like Ali, Aaron and Cosby. Wow! Here is a picture of The Hammer before he rode around the field in the Civil Rights Parade.

Before we left for the game, my folks showed up with their "cast off" television for our basement. Bless my Momma...instead of getting cable, she and her husband got rid of all their "analog" televisions, replaced them with digital, and spent hundreds on new antennaes. There was no advising them otherwise...my Mom researched it and felt that this was the way to go. Their new equipment is lovely and they shopped well. The bonus is that we got a new telly for the formerly vacant entertainment center in the basement.

The birds arrived on Saturday, so now the bedroom is finished. This isn't the best photo because the colors are wonky (from my phone) but you get the idea. That quilt is care of my Mom, who designed and made it for us, all by hand...(only sewing machine on the initial blocking stage...all quilting done with her little, nimble fingers. Love!)
Made Steinvic a GIANT steak for Father's Day. We pretty much chilled and recovered from the mega heat of the game on Saturday evening. We both wished his son could have been there with us, but I'm hoping that they'll get to spend some time together this week or weekend.

The shrub was FINALLY trimmed when I got home last evening. THANK YOU, HOA BEEETCHEZ!! Only about a month late. (Better late than never, fo' sho'...)

Mission Clean Basement 2009 is in full swing. I am loving it. I feel like a huge sucker for letting the last five years go by with a finished basement essentially serving as a dumping ground for stuff. Criminal! In one hour, I have it 50% better than it was. Tonight will be a big night for getting things done.
And that's a wrap! I hope your weekend was spectacular and that if you're in this heat wave, you're hydrating. Hydrate!

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