Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Spiders, Jersey Girls and Other Stuff

There was a GIANT black spider on the floor of my car this morning. So, essentially, my day began with murder. This is an annoucement for all spiders: if you surprise me by showing up in our house or car, your time on this planet is over. It's a reflex reaction. My second spider-murder of the week.

Did you watch the season finale of the Real Housewives of New Jersey last night? You know I did...come on! I mean, since the second episode, they've been showing a clip of this big upcoming fight at a dinner party where Teresa overturns a table because she is p*ssed about something. Of course I'm going to tune in for that crap!

Well, it was stupid. But you know, I've got a big case of the busy brains and sometimes this mindless junk is perfect to watch just before bed.

My conclusion about this six week season of the RHoNJ? It's a guilty pleasure, decent background noise if you're doing something else (which I always am) and a good reminder that it is important to be kind to others. If you run into someone who sucks, avoid them. If you can be nice, do it. If you have something wonderful, share it and increase your joy. These ladies do very few of these things. And they are obsessed with fake breasts and Botox, which amuses me and horrifies me at the same time.

Meanwhile, it has been a banner week in getting things done and acquiring things for our home. My Mom made us a magnificent quilt which is kind of heartbreaking to look at, when you consider that every stitch was placed by hand, and how much love went into sewing it. She also is giving us a big, homeless, TV that has been gathering dust in her basement. It will go into our finished basement and fill in the LARGE empty space in the entertainment center down there (that I just had to have, though we had nothing to put in it!)

My Mom is generous with me and with Steinvic. I think it pleases her to see our home shaping up and she wants to help. While I have a tough time accepting help, I'm smart enough to know that this is one way in which my Mom shows love, and I am the same way, so it's actually good to let her.

The bird painting featured on this site has a new home, thanks to Michaels, a 40% off coupon, a sweet frame that was already on clearance, and a really awesome sales person in the framing department who volunteered to install a packet of intimidating wire/attachers on the back for me. So, here is a shout out to Misty at Michaels, who doesn't know me or read this blog, but maybe a good word out there will help the Universe bend in her favor. (I did actually contact the corporate site to compliment her kindess and I hope they hook her up with at least some kudos.)

That's a wrap for now...hope your mid-week is bringing you smiles!

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