Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Time for a Giggle or Ten...

I've had a long day. I'm not complaining...just a lot of work and editing and writing. Since my "To Do" list is now shorter than my "Done," let's take a moment to slack off. ( I said SLACK! Geez...)

I have a fabulous childhood friend, J, (who, by the way, is one of like...two readers here, I think. Hi, J!) who has thanked me a bunch of times for turning her on to Cake Wrecks. Yeah, it's in my favorite things link area over there on the right, but if you haven't checked it out yet, please do. This is the entry that I saw almost a year ago that made me laugh so hard, I cried. I love that. There is nothing like it and there is nothing like dragging someone into your giggle-misery. I showed it to two other people here that had the same reaction. Extra funny to me because I had just worked on a project about this very topic.

And I mentioned Awkward Family Photos a few weeks back, but this and this had me chuckling to myself (and adding to the nasty rumor here that I'm insane. Whatever.)

The customer comments for this are excellent. (Steinvic, don't worry...I ordered one for you and hopefully, it will arrive before our travels this weekend. Whoo hoo! Par-tay!)

Okay...that is all the time I have for the sillies right now. I have to leave for my hair cut in a half hour, so please, send me good hair vibes. I'm terrified!

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