Monday, June 15, 2009

For Steinvic

To my best, sweetest, loyal, true Friend -

I know we talked about it, but I'm putting it in writing, too. I've been thinking a lot this weekend, thinking more than I was talking. I want you to know that I now see the big difference between being vulnerable and being flawed. And being stupid. I'm actually through with all of that. (I'm kind of a slow learner, but obviously, eventually, I get it.)
Thank you for your unending patience and love. It only gets better from here. You have my word.

You really are the best...

p.s. The image may be a little hokey, but I have made a promise, and since I'm also cleaning up my act...well...hopefully, it brings a smile.
p.p.s. There is, apparently, a right way and a wrong way to flip eggs for eggs over easy. Guess which method I've been using all these times I've tried to make them for you? (And apparently, frustration and tears are not required ingredients...)

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Anonymous said...

Just take care of yourself, please.