Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Weekend and Neighbor Update

What an awesome time we had with Em this weekend! Yesterday, Steinvic and I reluctantly came home from our wonderful, long weekend in St. Louis...our livers were not so reluctant! Em and her friend, Ay, showed us all over town, and we had a fantastic stay.

The International Tap House is every beer lover's dream. They've got bottled beers from just about every country imaginable and they also have quite a few draught beers to choose from. Our server, Kate, loved her job and it showed. She brought us samples to try and made great suggestions based on what we liked. I was totally impressed with this place!

We ate at some great restaurants while we were there, too. Espinos is outstanding, so if you're willing to venture to Chesterfield for the I-TAP and you like Mexican, be sure to stop by...it's just across the street! (And ask for Rhonda...)

We also went to a Cardinal's game, Em's treat. After tooling around Laclede's Landing and grabbing a bite at the Morgan's Street Brewery, we headed over for some pre-game drinks at Patty O's. We were headed through the purse-check gates, getting our tickets scanned, when suddenly, instead of a "ding!" for entry, we got a "dong!" as in, "you ain't gettin' in." The horrified look on Em's face as she realized that we had Friday night tickets instead of Saturday night tickets is one that I have never seen before and hope to never see again! She was so upset. Fortunately, she headed to the ticket window, where a very kind soul could somehow tell that we hadn't scanned the tickets the night before and so, even thought the game was sold out, she gave us standing room only tickets, which suited us just fine... After the game, we hit Al Hrabowski's, and then took a loooooooooooooooong train ride home...

Ay recommended Blueberry Hill in University City for our last outing. All I can say is, go. The atmosphere is amazing, the food is great, the beer is cold and the hundreds of photos on the wall of the owner next to everyone from Chaka Khan to Joan Jett to David Byrne to Bob Dylan is thoroughly impressive. Go! Quickly! Enjoy!

We also played Ladderjacks and Washers and drank and cooked out and played with Em and Ay's puppies. If it sounds like all we did this weekend was drink, eat, and have a great time with awesome people, I've described it accurately. It's good to be back, but Steinvic and I had a fantastic time!

On the neighbor tip, I finally did talk to the cops and the HOA on Thursday. I asked the Police about the outcome of their stop by on Wednesday night and she said, "Oh, they saw what you described, but the other entrances were fine so he left." Uh...okay...that makes me feel much more safe...not! The HOA was much more supportive. While they can't help that the unit next door is probably always going to be rental, they will work with me to enforce that the outside is neat and safe. And, if we want to begin filing formal complaints if they rent to rowdy, uncaring folks again, we can do that and hire a lawyer and work on getting them evicted. I am still struggling with that as this is our home, and not just a rental to us, but at least we came home to seeing a new front door over there, and new locks, and they kind of secured the busted basement window. So...I'm relaxing about it for now. Just keeping my eyes open...

That's it! Hope you all had a great weekend, too!

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