Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Pup is now 15 weeks old. He has learned some key things like, where things are, how to go up and down the stairs, how to coax us into giving him baby carrots and most of the time, where his pee pad is located (and how to use it).

He kills the dog toys we buy him (and I repair for him) with gusto...our backs turned for a minute, only to find that he has stuffing all over and a limp rag of a toy remaining between his paws.

He got his last Parvo immunization on Saturday, and we've started taking him outside, which he is still trying to decide if he likes or not.

And...last night, for the first time since the first week we got him, he barked. Only once. And it was because the washing machine in the basement was squeaking loudly, as it had a full load of towels in it. We were encouraging his curiousity a little...he ran to the top of the basement steps and peered into the darkness, listening to the squeaking, and we kept saying, "What's that?!" And he barked. And then ran to the safe shade of my exercise bike, where I was perched.

And we received our Karen Pryor Clicker Training Kit for Puppies last night. Within two, short, four minute sessions, he was sitting consistently. Will he remember tonight? We'll find out soon!

He is growing and growing...good dog...

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