Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's Inauguration Day!

Yes, I'm very excited about today for a number of reasons. That's as far as I'll go with politics here because...well...you know...politics, they get some people really fired up. I'm not trying to do that!

I bought paint this weekend and began the makeover on the kitchen/dining area. All I've finished so far is removing the top cabinets from one side, painting them and painting around them, but WOW - what a difference! I do have one question, though...how did anyone paint prior to painter's tape?

We braved temperatures below zero this weekend, and thankfully, our heat pump continues to trudge along, though the furnace man told me that it probably wouldn't last through the winter. I had to - suprise! - buy a furnace right before Christmas to the tune of $2500, which I know was a very fair price, but the wonderful repair guy - he really is a trustworthy person - told me that the heat pump was on her way out and I'd be buying one shortly. it's $2200. Since as you know that my goal is to pay cash for EVERYTHING in 2009, I'd like it to hold out a little bit longer...so far, so good.

Speaking of money, Steinvic researched airfare for a trip out West next month and I think he found a reasonable flight. Not for me...just for him. I haven't mentioned it here, but his cousin is very ill and doesn't have long to live. We hoped that both of us could go back to see him, but moneywise and airfarewise and timingwise, it didn't look good for me to be able to go, too. Still, I feel like it's really important that he go now, before it's too late. So, I think he's going to go the last week in February. I'm sad that I won't be there with him, but I know it will mean a lot for him to go and also to his aunts and uncles who are out there.

Just made the mistake of checking the local headlines. If you're not from the Cincinnati area, look a the quality of some of the individuals who live in this town! I mean, gaze upon this-waste-of-flesh-useless-piece-of-crap-who-is-taking-up-valuable-space-who-will-soon-find-out-just-how-bad-life-can-suck. If you read the comments, one reader said this guy was brought in for domestic in 2007 and got NOTHING. Totally amazing. Ah, justice...I hope that the scratches on his fat, pathetic face are from the woman he raped and that she got a few other hits in there, too.

This is why I hate reading the news...

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