Monday, January 12, 2009

Puppy Decision

We had a great weekend...lots of time together and Steinvic had us all prepared for the crummy weather - he'd gone to the grocery at lunch on Friday (what a trooper!) for supplies and after we had cocktails with his brother and sister-in-law Friday night after work, we hunkered down at home and had a cozy weekend.

The most discussed topic of the weekend was, of course, the puppy. Steinvic was totally supportive and wonderful, and I was completely all over the charts: yes, no, and a dozen reasons why we should or shouldn't. I made out the pro/con list and came out about even. I made a list of things that we'd need to buy, and Steinvic researched baby gates online.

I finally decided last night - because we are at the point where we HAVE to decide - we'd get her.

And then this morning, as I rolled out of bed at 4:45 a.m. to get ready and make the commute, I realized that I couldn't do it. Not now. To have enough time to commute from Columbus AND go home on Mondays before work? I'd be getting up at 4:00 a.m., and that is in good weather.

It wouldn't be fair to a puppy and it wouldn't be fair to me.

I might sound like a total wuss (there are tons of people who get up for work earlier than that, right?) but it's not just about me. It's about a tiny puppy in the dark front seat of a car for two hours, who would then be dropped off and all alone on Monday mornings after that car ride. I think that's kind of mean. And I'd be stressed, believe me. Traffic around our house is awful. The commute can be kind of tough sometimes.

See how I'm convincing myself, right now, even as I type? It's not never. It's just not now...not this one.

So silly that I have a lump in my throat over a puppy that was never even ours...

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