Friday, January 9, 2009

Should we get a puppy?

My dear friend, Marta, is adopting a puppy. She has a beagle who is awesome, but forever, Marta has wanted a dachshund, too.

Her co-worker's mini-dachshund just had puppies on December 23. They are incredibly cute...

So, Marta e-mails photos to me and I send them on to Steinvic, saying, "Oh-aren't-these-cute-and-yes-she-offered-us-one-and-yes-I-was-good-and-told-her-we-couldn't-right-now-I-just-wanted-to-share!"

And Steinvic blows my mind (as he often does) by replying with, "They are cute, and if you want one, let's get one. And yes, I am serious."

And so, my darlings, the dilemma. I want one... Even though after having to put my cat down a few years ago, I told myself I wouldn't get any more pets. Even though I already have a crazy lifestyle that includes Steinvic and I living two hours apart and alternating home fronts on the weekends. Even though puppies are expensive and I am upping my financial conservativeness this year (pay cash for EVERYTHING!) as much as humanly possible. Even though I sometimes question my ability to possess a 'mothering nature.'

Marta (who lives in St. Louis) even offered to drive to meet us halfway so that none of us has to use vacation time. Totally sweet of her.

The ONLY things that have me a little concerned are:
  • So, we go get this dog on Saturday, bring it home on Sunday and then boom! Monday comes and Steinvic goes back to his town, and I go to work for 9 hours. What does the puppy do all day by herself? I don't want to be cruel or neglectful, leaving her all alone. She'd be safe, have food and water and she'd be warm, but man, she'd be scared, wouldn't she?
  • In my commitment to pay cash for EVERYTHING in 2009, a puppy is potentially a big expense. I have the cash for this puppy. But I know I have some other expenses coming up. The puppy is $225, and the only reason it's owner is charging is because the momma had to have a C-section and the shots and worming are all included in the cost. Still, it's $225 and I'd like to buy Steinvic's son two tires for his car for his upcoming birthday. I know there will be vet bills, supplies to buy, and more.
  • Since I commute on many weekends, I would have to go pretty far out of my way in 5:00 Friday evening traffic to pick up the puppy on my way to Steinvic's. This means not getting to Steinvic's until probably close to 7:30 or 8:00 p.m., which isn't the end of the world, unless we have things to do.

I know my Mom will help me out with this. I know she would love to spend time with the puppy and that she would go above and beyond the call. But I'm grown and don't want to put her out or rely on my mommy to make it all better. That isn't fair.

We're meeting Steinvic's brother and his brother's wife for drinks tonight. They have a dachshund and a mini, too. I want to learn more from them about how all this puppy business works...

So, what do you think? Puppy or no puppy?

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