Thursday, September 3, 2009

Easily Amused...

Most days, I hit the Google news headlines around lunchtime...I often work through lunch, and hitting the headlines is a nice, 5-15 minute distraction and lets me know what is going on outside my cubical walls.

So, I read, "Disney Wonder Cruise Ship Rescues Man," and I click. Which takes me to this story. It's all pretty matter-of-fact until the last paragraph, which strikes me as funny:

"Memorial Univeristy of Newfoundland professor Ross Klein tracks the number of people who fall off ships. According to his website, a total of eight people, including Thursday's jumper, have gone overboard on Carnival cruise ships."

Before you think I'm totally warped, I'm not amused because eight people have gone overboard on Carnival cruise ships. What struck me as funny is that Ross Klein has a Web site devoted to tracking this stuff.

I mean, it's almost as quirky as my father's "Ugly Bride" scrapbook he used to keep. (No, really. He did. In fact, he had it in his classroom, until one of his student's siblings was the ugly bride, and then he saw that it was in poor taste...)

So I go to Ross Klein's site and I click the summary of person's overboard from 1995 to 2009.

And then I scroll down on the page for the details, just to scan them, and I see this:

"Sun Coast News reports crewmembers from a pilot vessel rescued a 46 year old man clinging to a buoy at about 6:50 a.m., about one mile southeast of Mullet Key, in Fort Desoto, in St. Petersburg..."

Wait...there is a Mullet Key? And you can take a cruise there? And people want to? Sorry, but my feable, easily amused brain immediately visualizes this (Yes, I actually "enhanced" this map with a mullet shaped island...)

And also envisioned a beach where only mulleted people hang, women, children, pets...

Anyway, it's not a beach that Steinvic and I will be visiting anytime soon...we have to deal with enough mullets on the weekends at our local. Okay, not a lot...just one obnoxious, wormy one...

Yes, I'm easily amused...

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