Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Feeling Creative...

I'm not sure if it's the change of the seasons or what, but I feel like makin' some stuff!

We're having a contest at work...we have an in house quarterly magazine, and each Winter, we do a special art cover. They're accepting paintings and I've decided to try to create something and submit it.

Since it's supposed to be Holiday-ish but not religious, I immediately had this image in my head of my Grandma playing the piano to her second-graders, many years ago. She's playing, and they're standing around the piano, singing.

When I told Steinvic, he was all for it. And when I got home, there were two new canvases waiting for me. (Thank you, Steinvic!) So I need to get busy...maybe tonight.


Kanye is a punk for picking on a girl. Not just because she is a female...I mean because she is a girl! A young person. It would be the same if I smacked an ice cream cone out of a little boy's hand - just not cool. Only to make it equal, the boy would have had to have worked for that ice cream cone his whole life AND have me destroy it in front of millions of people. MTV needs to seriously consider refashioning the stage so that freaks can't just stroll up and run their mouths, since it's happened in the past. And Kanye needs to seriously consider shutting the heck up, because no one cares what he has to say.

But frankly, it isn't about picking on young people. It's about messing with people in general.

And that brings me to a question inspired by this recent trend of rudeness... Are we becoming a nation of a-holes? Has blogging and twittering heightened our belief that what we think/have to say should be heard? And that these thoughts will be appreciated and considered? Are we becoming a nation of navel-gazers, who feel that our introspection isn't just worth recording in a blog or journal, but also worth broadcasting to a captive audience?

I mean, I write here. Some people read here. Most people don't. But even if lots of people did, I think I'd still recognize that it was a choice and that my thoughts and views shouldn't be forced on anyone. I don't think I'd wrestle the mic from our front desk lady at work and read my views to our employees every day.

When we were children, society reminded us that interrupting was a sin, that waiting our turn was a good thing, and that picking on people was uncool and could get you a detention, a missed recess or a swat. Is there something in the water that is rinsing good behavior away from our everyday dealings? Just curious...

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