Thursday, September 17, 2009

This is Very Cool...

I was snooping around the Sharpie site, because, you know...they have a new retractable non-bleed-thru Sharpie, and I wondered where I could buy one. (Apparently not in Ohio yet - the site didn't tell me that, but I've checked in four stores in two cities and no retractable Sharpies...) I love Sharpies, always have, and hoped to snag one soon.

Anyway, within the site, I found the Sharpie Blog and then the Sharpie Squad and all the members of the Squad are cool, but this gentleman's project - making unique lunchbag art for his kid's every single day - really impressed me!

How fun it must be for his kids to see what their dad created for them when they grab their lunch sacks each morning! And I'm sure their friends think they are cool.

My dad, distant as he could be, would sometimes write a note to me on a little strip of paper, about the size of the fortune in a fortune cookie, and put them in my lunch sack. Since I realize now that he struggled to know how to be a father, those little messages mean something completely different to me today than they did when I was a kid: he was trying. (Certainly, he didn't always try - that's for sure - but at times, he did.) They would say things, like, "Have a good day! Love, Dad" or "Good luck on your test!" and you's the little things that make kids, or anyone, for that matter, feel special.

So, grab your Sharpie and do something nice! And thanks to the Lunch Bag Decorating Guy for reminding me about the lunch notes...I hadn't thought of that in a while...

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