Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I've got it...Vacationitis. This may be the most serious case I've ever encountered.

I don't like to wish the days away, but I am so ready to board that plane with Steinvic in 23 days, I can hardly stand it.

To get to the airport and have a cocktail while we wait for our flight to arrive. To listen to our MP3s and feel giddy as we wait in line to board.

To snuggle up during the four-hour flight, reading and enjoying free beverages, thanks to points we've saved through Southwest.

To arrive in Phoenix, sun shining, to hug his aunt and uncle and change into summer clothes.

To visit with cousins and more aunts and uncles, sit on the patio, play with Fred and Woody (awesomest puppies), cook for the family, maybe play a little golf, read, get some sun, and just be together.

Did I mention our four days in Las Vegas? And the awesome drive across the desert that gets us there? driving on another planet. The rock formations. Joshua trees. Snow-topped mountains in the distance forever and ever and ever.

Did I mention that we'll see U2 twice on this trip? TWO TIMES! A major treat...I totally can't wait.

So, for today, I am looking at this calendar and thinking of how nice it will be to finally exhale and enjoy our little travel rituals that I've come to love and count on over the last five years. (Never really traveled much before that...I think I flew four times in my whole life prior to meeting Steinvic!)

I am so ready...what a year...

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