Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Exercises in Bladder Control

Okay, okay...I know I have already devoted time to whining about the weather here but just one more, more post to share with you my adventure yesterday afternoon.

Over the weekend, the Weather Experts (why call themselves that when no one should boast that they can acurately predict what mood Mother Nature might be in on any particular moment...) predicted a blizzard for our area midweek. Then, they retracted it.

Well, the Weather Experts were WRONG! Because mid-day, the "dusty, one to three inches" they predicted when they modified our forecast turned into a full-out blizzard, hammering our area with between 5-8 inches of snow. During rush hour. The photo is a view from our conference room at about 4:00. By 5:00, there were two more inches on the ground and you could not see any pavement.

Did I mention that my normal 25 minute commute took three hours last night? I was listening to 700 WLW and one of the callers wondered if he'd get cited for pulling over to pee. (I was starting to consider the same thing.) Granted, 40 minutes of my road time was just trying to get out of the parking lot onto the main road.

The awesome part today is listening to the Weather Experts trying to find something intelligent to say about snow. I tuned in this morning just to see how bad the highways were.

One genius actually said, "The amount of snow you got in last night's storm really depended upon where you live."

NO! Really? You mean, where I live in relation to where the storm was concentrated would impact the amount of snow that fell on my home? (gasp!) I had no idea! if I didn't live in the area where it was snowing the heaviest, I wouldn't have gotten as much snow as somone who did? THANK G*D you are on the news!

Anyway, the road clean up begins, and I told Steinvic that whenever he is ready to move to Phoenix, I'm there! I'm not really a snow-and-ice kind of girl. (Although if Steinvic wanted to move to Alaska, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Where he goes, I go...)
I will say that it was kinda touching to have some of my friends texting me while I was sitting in the "new parking lot on I-275." That was nice. And yes, I was texting in the car, even though I really, really think it's dangerous when people do that. However, I was not moving, so I think it was a lovely thing to do in this case. So yep, I was texting on the highway...something I can't usually say!

Once I finally got home, I did work on two canvases last for the freshly painted kitchen. Soon as I finish it and hang it up, I'll post a picture here.

Meanwhile, stay cozy and think Spring thoughts! Please! (And not the tornado, scary spring kind of thoughts...I'm thinking more the daffodils, warm sunshine, tender breezes, green leaves kind of thoughts...)

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