Monday, November 16, 2009

A Contact Lens May Be Stuck In My Eye. Or Not...

So, I'm trying not to panic. It might be in there. It was visible and then it wasn't. I was crying and rubbed my eye. I didn't feel the contact fall out, but it still could have. I do feel like something is kind of up in that eye, but it could be that when I rubbed it, I also scratched it a little, and that the contact isn't in there after all. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

"Why were you crying?" you're wondering... Well, it's because I'm a baby. I get my feelings hurt from time to time. I come off to many as this indestructive ball of reasonability (those of you who know me well and know better can stop laughing now...thanks.) But the truth is, I'm sensitive...not high maintenance, but I do get my feelings hurt. It's stupid. Crying sucks. (Possibly losing your contact within your eye also sucks.)

Things will all work out fine, right? Of course.

Anyway, Thanksgiving is coming and we'll be with Steinvic's side of the family this year. We thought my sister and her family would come to Ohio the week before so that we could all celebrate together, but that isn't happening. My parents have a dinner to go to in Indianapolis, but really appreciated Steinvic's offer to join us at his Mother's. So...everyone has somewhere special to be and I like that.

I'm taking two appetizers (maybe three) to Steinvic's Mom's. Miniature twice baked potatoes (so fun to make!) and stuffed mushrooms. That should keep me busy next Wednesday night!

That's it. Just a little update today from your moody, recently sporadic poster. I hope you had a lovely weekend!

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