Monday, November 23, 2009

A New Low - I Cheated at Scrabble

I downloaded the Scrabble game to my phone on Friday. I don't know just what made me feel compelled to do it but I did it. For $7.99, I have unlimited access to Phone Scrabble forever and ever. My Grandma was a HUGE, kick butt, cut throat Scrabble player and since I love word games, I thought it would be fun.

On the Easy level, I won several times. "I won! I beat the computer! Whoo hoo!" I told Steinvic.

"Great! What level is it on?" Steinvic asked.

Grrrrrrrr... "Easy," I confessed, going to the settings and upping the difficulty level.

Since then, I've played about five games, and that flipping computer beats me everytime! I mean, I get rid of all my tiles, but my words are baby talk compared with the computer's vocabulary.

So, I had this combination of letters: mgipear. And then, got an evil, wise idea to descramble them here and see if I could make one big fat word out of as many of those letters as possible! HA!

And guess what? It came back with "epigram" and there was a place for that word to butt up against an "s" and make "epigrams!" So I did. I used all my tiles and it was like a 98 point word or something ridiculous like that.

I laughed my evil, underworld laugh and then instantly felt guilty.

The computer must have felt pretty bad, too, because it started spelling easy, sucky words like, "cat," and "for."

So I won. I finally "Won on the Medium Level!" And I did it by cheating.

Who cheats on Phone Scrabble? I've never cared about winning in my life, just having fun! But there was something about being referred to as "Player 1" instead of by name. Something about the phone relentlessly winning with no apology. Something about the glare of the crimson screen...

Enough. I need to get a life. And do some word game practice thingies to build up my vocabulary. Geez...

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