Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Week Has Passed...

I've been home from vacation for a week and realize that I can't keep giving these sporadic, partial details of our trip forever, can I?

So let me sum it up by saying, I think I've hit the highlights - we got ENGAGED!!!!, we saw U2 twice, we had a blast with family, the weather was awesome and I wish we were still out there!
But we're not...we're here. Although every time I look at this ring, I feel like I'm still on vacation. I feel loved. I feel hope for the future. I'm excited about things in a way that I have never been. So...Steinvic you already knew you were the best, but thanks for this lovely treasure that has me smiling every time I look at it...I'm not worthy!

We're still telling friends as we see them and many ask about wedding plans, the big date, all that. And instead of planning wedding things, we spent last weekend looking at real estate online! First things first...I think we'd like to be in our current spot at least a little while together to save money, pay things down and build up more equity so that when we sell, we've got cash to decorate and fix up a new place.
My parents took us to Prima Vista this weekend. If you're in the Cincinnati area and you haven't been, please go. You'll be glad you did. It's a fantastic restaurant and for as fancy as it appears, it's surprisingly comfortable. The staff is knowledgable and really attentive, but not stuffy at all. The food is excellent. The view is amazing and as the sun sets and it gets dark, even better (I love the twinkling city lights!)
(Of course being downtown had Steinvic and I wondering about the real estate - we want to live there or in Mt. Adams or in Covington.)
Yesterday, Steinvic sent me an excited e-mail mid-day...he bought us tickets to see U2 in Chicago in July! So funny...people must think this is all we do! But the fact is, we love the band (LOVE!) and they always seem to go places we enjoy anyway, so why not combine the things we dig and make an adventure of it? So, something to look forward to for Summer 2010...
No idea how I missed this, but it looks like the Coens are at it again!
And.........I guess that's it! Here is to more regular updates again. I just got side tracked with all the readjusting the last week. But I promise...more regular writes! Until then...

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