Friday, November 6, 2009

I Need an Intervention...

There is something wrong with me.

I'm above average intelligence, love art, writing, books and poetry. I'm creative, fairly articulate and reasonable. I am not lazy and I'm not a couch potato. I may be momentarily distracted by sparkly things or shiny objects, but generally, it takes something really special to capture my attention (like Steinvic, for example...)

So, why in the heck to I watch those damned Real Housewives shows when they're on? Why?

Please know that when I do watch these shows, I'm not sitting there on the couch with my mouth hanging open, thinking that what I'm seeing is real.

You'll most likely find me with scissors, a paintbrush, a full laundry basket, a trash bag or some other accessory in my hand, working on something. Or passing through the room on my way to do something else.

But the show is still on...

I "watched" the stupid second half of the RHO Atlanta reunion last night. Why won't anyone say to Kim's (now mysteriously puffy probably from some kind of treatment/injection) face, "Darling, you can't sing...please stop." Why? And why do I care? That is all I got out of the whole hour-long ordeal.

And then I "watched" episode one of the new season of RHO Orange County. What I took away from it was, big surprises: Tamra's marriage has hit a bumpy spot because money isn't flowing as freely, Vicki is a douche for telling everyone that Jeana asked to borrow money, and everyone is still back-biting.

Oh, and Gretchen is in some photos that show her naked things, but she didn't know they were being taken (she was looking at the camera, so...) or didn't know they were going to be on the Internet or something. And I kind of felt a little bad for her. I always do...she is the underdog, in my opinion. While she clearly has horrible judgement and doesn't always think ahead, she doesn't seem to be malicious...just ditsy and not careful with herself. We've all done stupid stuff and thank goodness most of it doesn't turn up on national television. And I guess when you sign up for this crap, you can pretty much count on some kind of humiliation if you're human and have done human things.

During the little preview of the season blurbs at the end. Tamra is looking at herself (another surprise) in various scenes and the voice over says, "Looking like this has a price. And the price is not eating." Well, that's just great. The only plus is that I think most of the people who might be influenced by this statement wouldn't be interested in this show primarily focused on desperate, aging money-grubbers who don't realize that it looks silly to dress a certain way past a certain age.

Enough. Now you know what I did with my Thursday night. As for what I was working on during these shows...well, that's for another post...

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