Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday is a Good Day...

Hi! Yesterday sucked. I don't talk about work on this blog because...well...everything I've ever heard indicates that it isn't a good idea. But...what sucked wasn't my job at all. Love my job, love my company. I was just reminded yesterday that it only takes one person to make a day suck really, really hard. If you let them. And in one day, I devoted more energy to that situation than it deserved so today is all about wrapping that up and moving on. So...moving on!

Steinvic is HOME! Hooray! He flew in last evening, got to spend time with his son and then we got to catch up before bed. I am just glad we're in the same state again...Texas was too far away. :) He'll be here this weekend and I just can't wait!

And it's a good day because I got a letter from my pen pal. I haven't mentioned it before, but we have a pen pal program at work where we write with children at a rural elementary school about a half hour away. I've been in the program about 8 years and I love it! So fun to get to know the kids (they're in the 3rd grade) and to see how their writing improves throughout the course of the year. We get to meet them twice - once at Thanksgiving at their school, then once in the Spring at work. If you don't have a program like this at your company, suggest's a little work that means A LOT to the kids!

One of the best part is how stinkin' cute the letters are. Total whatever-is-on-the-brain topics and crazy grammar and spelling and punctuation (hey...kind of like this blog!) and I love it. Here is the letter I just received moments ago - you should know that her dog Max just died and that I sent her a handmade witch handpuppet for Halloween:

"Dear (insert creative spelling of my somewhat difficult name here) Yay

im sad about my dog maxe it is sad and I'll was gana say I am a mickle jaskon fan too are you one well I am so I liked that pupet it is nice thank you and I have tow cats and one dog and I like Sneckers too and your my best pen pal and do you now my Mom her name is Michelle and she works at (insert our company name here) I thank my Mom sented you Webkins email I like Webkins and I like some Fear Real Firends. PS you have great colering

(My Pen Pal)"

No punctuation at all! But did you need it? No! You totally know what she is saying. Who needs punctuation and proper spelling?! :) Of course, if you read it like it's written, you might run out of breath somewhere in there, but that is the fun of it...

Now, go hug a child...

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