Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Another Product Endorsement For Which I Will Not Be Compensated - ULTA

Hello, Holiday Shoppers! It's been a while since I have endorsed anything - hard to believe, huh? But today, I'm going to endorse an entire me!

So, I drew Steinvic's youngest sister in the family Christmas-Gift-Drawing.* She's close to my age and she likes girly stuff, so I was happy to pop on over to the Web site of a cosmetic giant I've loyally shopped for a decade. I found the right thing, completed my transaction and then got an e-mail two days later that there was something wrong with my order. The e-mail indicated that it was a problem with my card (GULP?!), but I could call and talk to a representative. Meanwhile, they'd hold my order for five days.

When I called, the line was busy for hours. I tried again this morning and it turns out, the problem wasn't my card (of course not!) It was that they were out of the size of Prada perfume I'd ordered. But if I wanted, I could just "go ahead and order the next size up" - but I couldn't reuse my $15 discount certificate, which had expired the day I made my order.

I told her to forget it, and with heavy heart, started fretting about what to buy instead.

That is when I logged on to ULTA. And Whoa, Nelly! They have some KICK BUTT deals going on right now!

With a $35 fragrance purchase - and yes, they have lots of nice fragrances at that price and less - I could get a free luxury robe, which actually looks kind of plush and lovely. It also comes in a variety of sizes and colors, so I wasn't stuck with some ol' plain thing that doesn't fit.

THEN, I got 3 free samples...this is a staple for ULTA and it's always a nice way to dress up a package!

THEN, since I spent $35, I got to add on a free little bag with 8 more samples in it! Samples are so much fun...

THEN, since I spent $25, they offered free shipping. Now, this shipping looked to be standard ground, so if you need your gift before Christmas, it might be a good idea to upgrade. But still! If you're not in a hurry for it, free shipping!

So, for my $40 purchase, I'll receive perfume, a plushy pink robe, and a whole bunch of samples. This makes a very nice Christmas gift for my sister-in-law-to-be!

Oh, I have to add...there is an actual ULTA store about 20 minutes from me. I have been there twice, for hard-to-find items, and most recently visited to pick up my favorite LipFusion product. The cashier was extremely professional. She looked at my purchase and says, "Wait..." and turns to start going through some packages behind the counter. Seconds later, she produces a smaller version of my LipFusion. "I thought I'd seen that packaging before! Here is a smaller size for your purse!" and pops it in my bag. This stuff is kinda pricey, so I really appreciated her thoughtfulness and the free, deluxe sample. Check out ULTA and you may be pleasantly surprised, too!

*(Actually, that's not true. I didn't actually draw her name. Steinvic fixed it! He knew I'd like buying something girly for his sister, so he matched me up with her. I just had to come clean here...but thank you Steinvic!)

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