Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Back At It

While I want to spend every second I can with Steinvic, there are times - gross times - where living alone is probably best for the illusion that I am perfect. (of course I am kidding...)

Moments where your body does things you didn't know were possible...things you have not witnessed in your 38 years within that body.

Moments where you find yourself saying out loud, "Really?"

"Is that all? Are you through now?"

Or just, "Oh, hell no..."

I am finished being sick. Thank goodness. I was ready to pack my bags and leave myself.

The good news?

  • I got caught up on Season Two of Big Love.
  • I think I lost five pounds. Wow! My pants were like, so loose this morning!
  • I had crazy, effed up dreams. Steinvic and I got married at Boy George's summer home and his Mom is lovely. Her dog is toilet trained. I kept thinking about how guilty I felt having our wedding in a home where we didn't really know the host/hostess, but I was so grateful for the beautiful surroundings!
And I'm feeling better. I still look like crap but I feel pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good.

More later...

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