Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Last Bit of 2009

Hi there! It's New Year's Eve already...

Steinvic is on his way to Cincinnati for the weekend. We'll likely do our usual NYE routine, which I'm very happy with. We'll go out, have some toasts with friends, then get home well before midnight. We'll nibble on appetizers, watch things on television, drink lots, smooch when the ball drops and eventually snuggle down into bed, grateful for another good year, and hopeful for the next one.

I'm pretty excited about my future. While I'm an optimist, I can't say that I've always felt like good things are coming to me. I mean, I'd hope that they would, I'd hope for mankind, I'd hope even when others had stopped hoping. Even if I had to vent or have a fit after facing some challenge, I'd always look for the bright side after. But, even with all of that, I can't say that I've ever been like, "Yeah! Things are going to be AWESOME!!" until right now.

Steinvic changed my life in so many ways. Getting engaged this year is a huge deal to me. I know, I know...people will say things like, "A ring shouldn't make a difference!" or "Getting married isn't so important." Even more, for people like us, who have both been married previously and neither union went so well, you'd think we'd be a little more than gun shy.

But I feel that this is right. Our marriage is the start of something really good, something that I know will work. I know that Steinvic feels the same way, because he is damn picky (a good thing) and if he didn't believe in us, trust me - he never would have proposed. So...I feel like our marriage will be the icing on the cake after all these years of searching for the right ingredients, carefully putting everything together, and waiting patiently while that cake bakes. Not rushing the process. Enjoying the process.

I know that in 2010 and beyond, my best friend will be right here, with me, finally in our home, making the life we deserve together. It's so good already...the concept that it will be even better is just... it's all more than I ever imagined. I am so very lucky.

My folks are in Wisconsin - my aunt and her family are there - ringing in the New Year together. My Grandma loves that, I know. Our families have plans, most similar to ours. Our friend, J, will be with her parents and children tonight, and that sounds so cozy and special to me, having all those people you love, right there with you. Our other friend, Em, will be on her couch with her two pups at midnight. While in some ways this troubles me - that she will be alone to ring in the New Year - there is another side of me that thinks this is a good thing. She's newly single and exploring her independence. She's had a half-dozen offers to spend this evening with friends and family, and this is what she chose to do instead. So...a toast to her strength and to embracing solitude....if she can enjoy being alone with herself, I believe she is on the path to being even more amazing company for the right person, maybe in the coming year, maybe next. Cheers to our friends and families!

Anyway, I hope that you have someone you love - people who are precious to you - with you this New Year's...and always. Happy New Year! See you in 2010!

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