Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Present for Myself

I've been Christmas shopping, Christmas wrapping and gift-making lately.

I don't get wrapped up in the materialism of this time of year. Working in retail for more than a decade really opened my eyes to just how twisted some folks can get with greed and want and aquisition.

But what I like about the gift-giving part of Christmas is that it's an excuse to shower those around me with thoughtfulness. Yes, I am one of those people who like to do things for others all year 'round. I do! But at Christmas, you can get away with it a little more. I seriously want nothing more for the Holidays than for everyone around me to feel happy. No stress. Loved.

So, it takes me a little longer to find the right things sometimes, or to save for something special, or to sew or glue or paint something for someone. But it all works out. And I love that.

But this morning, I accidentally stumbled upon something for me. I saw this and instantly felt haunted by it...could see it arriving in my mailbox, knew how it would feel in my hand, and could already see it around my neck. Since it was $25, I treated myself. After all the coupons and sales I'm constantly minding, I felt I could spring for it. Isn't it pretty? I know I'll wear it often... Merry Christmas to me!

p.s. If you have time, please check out Haley Luna's Web site. I am blown away by her photography. There are some truly amazing images there (the praying mantis' face! Whoa!) and you might like a little peaceful diversion this time of year, too.

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