Monday, July 27, 2009

Baby We Were Born to Run..........

...and that is just what Steinvic and I did this weekend. We had a blast. We laughed and I needed laughing.

Thursday night, we had drinks. Carry out pizza from Tammy's. I zonked on the couch until 2 before crawling into bed, but still, a good evening. On Friday morning, we woke up, packed up and dropped off some art I'd made for his sister (after a detour filled journey, but it was worth it because she loved the art). We got back on the highway and headed for Cleveland.

We made great time, despite our detour. When you speed, you make great time. Which I did. And for my efforts, I earned a ticket (Thanks, Linndale!) but even that couldn't stop us from having fun. We walked to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and saw the Bruce Springsteen Exhibit, and plenty of other awesome memorabilia. You should go. Really. If you love music a lot, like we do, and history, go. Worth it! Oh! We also got to check out Johnny Cash's tour bus, which was very, very cool.

Soon into our adventure, I realized that the shoes I selected were a poor choice. Now, don't judge...I was not traipsing around in stilettos. These are funky, low-heeled, pink leather sandals. They just...kind of suck if you're going to walk very far and somewhat briskly in the heat, and I have the top-of-foot blisters to prove it. We'd planned to go back to the hotel and change before dinner and drinks, but it just didn't work out that way. We were on a roll, and after about three glasses of wine, I stopped thinking about my poor feet. We found dinner. We went shopping. We talked with nice and interesting people.

We were out very late but managed to get up, grab lunch and get on the road by 1:00 Saturday, and we headed back to his sister's to help her prepare for her baby boy's annual birthday bash. He's five now, and this party is always great fun, lots of people, lots of kids, lots of celebrating. Steinvic's sister constructed a lovely cake in the fashion of an Irish Flag, so after Nephew-cake-singing, there was Steinvic-cake-singing. I think Steinvic had a good time. His son came to the party and brought Steinvic a Celtics' jersey and hung around most of the evening...I happen to know that time with his son was the greatest part of Steinvic's weekend. Makes me smile...

As the evening wound down, we just sat and visited. I had wine. I held a baby - our new Great Niece - and fed her and changed her and sang to her and rocked her and that is always a wonderful way to spend an hour.

And yesterday - nada. Home. Grocery shopped. Cooked dinner. Watched Walter Cronkite Remembers. And Columbo. Sewed some felt pouches for no real reason.

Meanwhile, my Grandma spent the weekend getting lots of visits and love from people in from out of town. People she hasn't seen in a few years. People who just wanted to be close to her, just once more. I talked to her every day this weekend and kept updated by my Mom. I'll see her this afternoon. I'm glad she was so surrounded by people who care. Now that they're all gone, I'm right back in to keep her company. And we have a dinner date, just the two of us.

So, that's all excellent weekend. As I said to's a good think we're back at work this morning so we can relax a little! Happy Monday, y'all...

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