Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Clean House - Who the Eff?

I haven't seen all of this week's episode yet, but if you follow Clean House on the Style Network, you know that early on Wednesday mornings, you can see the new episode of the week instead of waiting to see it during it's "premiere" at 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. So this morning, I half-tuned in as I got ready for work.

I thought last week's fill-in cast was temporary, but here they were again this week. The only "regular" cast member was Matt, aka "The Go To Guy." Lisa Arch filled in for Niecy this week, but suspiciously didn't say "filling in for Niecy Nash" when she introduced herself at the beginning of last week's show. There is some dude named Rain (sp?) doing the organizing and the yard sale planning and a chick named Kristen doing the design work.

In other words, no Mark, no Trish and no Niecy.

Now, I'm not one of the occasional freaks on the Clean House Message Board (yeah, I read it sometimes) who has a fit every time someone fills in for a regular cast member. I don't think that Lisa or Debbie or Kim are the devil just because Niecy needs some time off to do this or that. But when the cast is 75% not the usual bunch, why bother taping?

It's not that it's a bad still have all the ingredients - clutter bugs who know they gotta change, but who are also reluctant to give up the goods, talented rehabbers, and a great, inspirational reveal. The only thing missing is the chemistry between the cast members...because when you have that many new people, the chemistry just doesn't appear to be there.

So, it makes me wonder, where in the eff are the regulars and why has Clean House dropped from a priority on their schedules to a "if I happen to be in town, I'll film" this season?

And then it occurred to me...It was hosting the Messiest Home in the Country III! That episode sent them all over the edge, except Matt, of course, because he lost his marbles a long time ago (and I mean that in a nice way, of course!)

Poor Niecy, Mark and Trish are probably all in a padded cell somewhere, trying to be brought back to a clutterless, miceless, attitudeless reality, one Clorox Wipe at a time...

Whatever the reason, I'm certainly not boycotting the show or anything. I just hope the "real cast" - or at least most of it - returns soon.

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Anonymous said...

I want the "old" cast back. The new cast members are not interesting. They are rather dull. Please bring the old cast BACK.