Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to Steinvic...

Happy Birthday to Steinvic -'s not today. It's on Saturday. But on Saturday, we'll be coming home from an overnight and heading to a party for our nephew. Steinvic, your birthday is not just a special day for you, it's a special day for me! And for everyone who knows you. It marks the day a genuine, talented, intelligent, decent, kind and extremely handsome man was born. A day when your most interesting life, full of twists and turns and accomplishments began. The day when your path began curving gently toward mine, (even though mine hadn't officially started yet.) How lucky I am to know you and love you, Steinvic...So thankful on this day and always!

Note: Even though Steinvic and I both offered to postpone our mini-trip to celebrate his birthday, we were asked to keep our plans. Now that things seem to be improving/stable with my Grandma, that seems even more reasonable to take this time where she is feeling better and go celebrate life. So, until well.

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