Friday, August 21, 2009

Fridays Are Good

I'm here. I'm fine. It's Friday. Thank goodness...

Yesterday was an adventure in plumbing. Wednesday night, I came home to a very wet utility room. The pipes going into our washing machine were leaking. Thankfully, the water hadn't ventured into the finished/carpeted area of our basement. I was able to get a first thing in the morning appointment with our awesome plumber. Mom - who really can be a saint when she wants to - came over and stayed so I didn't have to miss work. She encouraged the plumber to check out some other spots she was worried about and also our sometimes leaky kitchen sink. $401 and three hours later, our house is safe from the perils of leaking pipes, corroded valves and improperly installed dishwashers.

My jaw, which locked up last Sunday due to a Tango with TMJ, is finally almost 100%. This morning, my upper teeth and lower teeth can touch on both sides. We take these things for granted, people! I should be able to chew and eat normally, which is a relief since I have been eating soup all week long and it's getting kind of old!

Tonight, we have a work event for Steinvic up in Columbus, but then we'll come home tomorrow and be here through the weekend, including Monday's memorial.

Plumbing, money, TMJ...I'm asking you, G*d, can you cut a bitch a break!? Seriously...It's a good thing that I count my blessings daily...

Speaking of cutting a bitch a break, I have to comment on the Semenya situation. WTF, y'all? She doesn't look like a man. She looks like an athlete. She looks like a female to me. What, she was supposed to have on fake nails, a push up bra, heels, extensions and false lashes when she crossed the finish line? Come on!

How humiliated this young girl - and she is a young girl - must feel about herself, her sexuality, her attractiveness... the media has beaten all of this to pieces. At a time when she should be able to be proud of her tremendous accomplishments. Look what dedication and hard work got her - shame, speculation and embarrassment.

My hope is that somehow, this makes her angry. That somehow, she has enough self confidence, even at the young and tender age of 18, to give the press the middle finger and move forward. (Or fo-waad, Steinvic. Ha!)

I think something special needs to be done. The whole world owes this kid an apology.

UPDATE - ONE MORE THING: I was just talking to a co-worker about this and you know, something else occured to me... What also pisses me off (besides the fact that this entire situation was handled so poorly) is that of course a WOMAN couldn't possibly have this record-breaking time or improve this much, right? Couldn't be the training, couldn't be sheer will, couldn't be any of that. No, to do this well, she would have to be a MAN. I am not a feminist - I'm a humanist - but that is total bullshit. An insult to every woman.


Ms. Pants said...

I hadn't heard anything about Semenya because I tend to live in a box. :-) But on looking at the news about her, I'm rather disgusted. Not necessarily surprised but disgusted. A close up on her face, to me, proves she's female immediately. Her facial features are more rounded and female and there's more soul in her eyes than any man could ever accomplish. (Also, hello--have we learned nothing from the LGBT revolution? No adam's apple or scar from removal of.)

Tangents & Tangles said...

It's a trip, isn't it? I mean seriously...disgusting is exactly right. Totally pisses me off.