Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Zombies, Wednesday and Other Things

Well, hello there... Thanks for stopping by. I guess if you're going to go to the trouble of checking in on my blog, I should post something for you.

I had a great weekend with Steinvic. He really made my birthday special. Insisted that I didn't cook. Treated me to everything and wouldn't let me chip in one bit. Suprised me with seeing Funny People at a theater in his old neighborhood...I'd been jonesing to get back there and so he made it happen (because he really listens to me even though I wasn't hinting!) Of course, gave me an extremely generous gift of a laptop computer, which is just too much.

We had lots of family time with his uncle, who we adore. We golfed. It was a great weekend and I'm so lucky to have someone who loves me and thinks so much about me and what I might enjoy!

I drove home yesterday through the most horrible weather I'd experienced in a while. Lightning, blinding rain, wind, thunder...just hammering the cars on the road. So much water on the highway...I thought I was going to have to pull over a number of times. Not since the Big Echo Crash of 2004 have I driven in such conditions. I was tense for most of the commute back to work and it took two full hours. (I'm including a photo of the former Echo. Yes, I got the same exact car - just newer - as a replacement. Why would I want something else when the Echo is clearly a tough bitch!? Anyway, hydroplaning is bad, and this is what your car would look like if you took out a guardrail completely - they curl up like corkscrews! - as a result of hydroplaning. I had on my seatbelt. It probably saved my life, so buckle up.)

I got into work - exactly on time - and waited to hear the update on my Grandma so I would know when to head over there. She got worse over the weekend. She is back on 24/7 hospice status. She refused food for a couple days, but she is eating again. Bigger, more powerful oxygen helper. Morphine. This happened the day after my birthday.

All the way back, I had the urgent feeling that I needed to see her coupled with the sense that I didn't want to, as I feared it may be the last time. When I arrived, she was sleeping. She woke up and I fed her dinner and helped the nurses rearrange her so she could be more comfortable. (It's bad when it hurts to lie still, even through morphine.) I could see her closing her eyes so I encouraged her to just sleep. And she did. She couldn't help herself. She woke at 7:00 and told me to go home. And so I did.

I ran around gathering supplies for the table decorations I'm making for Steinvic's giant family reunion in a few weeks. I unloaded everything from the weekend and from my shopping. I did my best to put things where they needed to go and to start laundry and get organized.

When I slept last night, I dreamt that zombies were after me Lionel Richie style (No, not because they were "Dancin' on the Ceiling." I meant "All Night Long.") Last week it was someone (no one I recognize) attacking my family and me attacking back with a knife. The gosh darned dinosaurs. I need the monsters that invade my sleep to eff off and let me rest.

So, that is where I am. I hope that wherever you are, you are comfortable and well.

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