Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Since Then...

I haven't written since last Friday. Shame on me. I have had so much to say but now I'm here and logged in and hmmm... Must be list time. Too many thoughts. Here are some random ones for you:

1. Monday was my Grandma's memorial service. It was really special. The minister who carried the service was a very close friend of my Grandma and of my Grandpa...almost like a son to them. His family wasn't in town when he and his wife and sons arrived here years ago, so my grandparents just kind of adopted him. There was no one better to eulogize her. It was a hard day, but she would have been so proud... Interestingly enough, a lot of the service came from her writings. She'd once given an envelope to my aunt who thought it was just family records and memorabilia. Turns out, they were transcripts of talks she'd given and writings she'd contributed to different publications. So, her words were a big part of the memorial and that was oddly comforting. Unexpected. And her ashes are now resting beside my Grandpa, where her heart has been these last 23 years. Everything is in it's place...I just have to get used to this changed landscape and that is happening slowly.

2. If I haven't recently stated that I am completely in love with Steinvic, please take note. I would not have made it through the last month without him. No...that isn't true. I may have made it through the last month. But I would not like that world one bit! My life is better because he is such a big part of it. He is always devoted but he has been especially attentive, which I couldn't have imagined was possible because he already treats me so well. But I appreciate it. I am so very fortunate...(Thank you, Steinvic, for the sunflowers...for everything...)

3. I'm determined to have some fun and feel normal this weekend! We need fun. I am going to see it out as much as possible.

4. My new computer is freaking fantastic. This weekend, Steinvic and his brother-in-law figured out the issue with the wireless connection and got me all configured and up and running. Also, I was able to use my Zune last night and get it all synced up and loaded some new songs which I really needed to do. Music rut ended!

5. I made my famous Pasta Bake to share at work today to celebrate a big milestone in our department. Half of the pan is gone. That means that my colleagues had pasta for breakfast and I love that!

6. I am going to go read about Ted Kennedy now. RIP, Ted...Wow. What a life.

That's it for now. See, I posted! Hopefully more soon...

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