Thursday, August 6, 2009

Clean House, Cell Phones & Internet Service...

Did you tune into Clean House last night? I did and THANK GOODNESS Niecy was back! And Mark and Trish. Matt was a no-show. But still, 75% attendance is a whole lot better than 25%! Like I said, I'm not one of those fans who freaks out when someone other than Niecy hosts, but I can say I like the show a lot better with the regular cast.

Steinvic spent hours pouring over reviews for our replacement cell phones as we re-up with Verizon this month. At the end of his research, he selected the LV enV Touch. What? You think I'm nuts for letting someone else (even someone as amazing as Steinvic) choose my phone? Listen, Steinvic is the one who has to listen to me bitch about my phones when I'm unhappy with them, and that pretty much makes him an expert, don't you think?

Homerun for Steinvic! I activated my phone this morning, and I have to say, this is a damn fine phone. Nice big keys for texting, easy to find what you need, pretty darn intuitive so far. It's a sturdy, substantial phone with dual screens. If it can't do what you want it to on one screen, it politely displays a message that you'll have to open it up and use it horizontally. Easy to use, nice ringtones, a little drawing pad, fun stuff. So far, so great!

What happened to the Palm Centro, you ask? It ended up not being very reliable. Using the stylis on the miniature everything was a drag. Had to be charged constantly. My face would make the phone hang up on callers, plus the speaker phone and connections were spotty, so talking on the phone wasn't easy. Texting was a chore with those tiny keys. While it was somewhat better than my last phone, it wasn't the phone for me. I'm glad I didn't pay money for it! Digging the LG enV Touch so far!

Finally, we're getting wireless Internet access at home this weekend. We've gone from Flintstone status to Jetson status in a month's time:
-We had one land line in the house and it was a corded phone in the kitchen. Now we have cordless phones in two rooms in addition to the corded kitchen phone.
-We had no television in the basement and no cable down there. Now we have cable and tvs on all three floors.
-We had no computer. Now we have one.
-No Internet. Bam! We've got Internet (or will on Saturday.)

So, welcome us to the 21st Century already!

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