Monday, August 31, 2009

Blogs With Kleenex...

...doesn't really have the same romantic ring as "Dances With Wolves," does it? I left work early because of a nasty little head cold. I either earned it from our weekend of sleeping with windows open, due to the departure of our beloved heat pump, or I got it because I've been under a bit of pressure the last month. Now that the strain is starting to dissipate, here comes the cold I'd usually fight of with my keen resistance.

But I'm fine, just kind of...gross. Sniffling. Sneezing. Hacking about. Ugh.

So, before going home, I drove out to my parents house. They're away for the week, travelling the hills of West Virginia, and I went out to water their gardens, even though it was in the total opposite direction of home and the couch.

I stopped at the gas station, filled up my tank, and the display screen said, "Please see cashier." Now what? Turned out it was just that the receipt tape was out at the pump, and had nothing with my check card. But because I was out of it, I found that I'd locked my keys in the car.


So, the police actually came to my rescue. When the cashier told me they'd come out, I didn't believe her...I seem to remember someone having this problem and the cops essentially said, we're fighting AAA or a towing company. But apparently, G*d was cutting me some slack because here comes an officer who had the car open in like two minutes. Very, very thankful...

Since I was home early today, I found myself on the couch with The Blanket (the world's softest fleecey blanket, thanks to Steinvic's lovely cousin's generosity last Christmas). And Inside the Actor's Studio was new and featuring Mickey Rourke. I haven't seen him in a lot of things, but I know he is a good actor. I always wondered what his story was, where he'd been all the years that he wasn't acting, and how he got back in. Seriously, I don't want to spoil it for you, so watch it if you can...I plan to watch it again. And, man, is James Lipton a gracious interviewer...touches on some sensitive subjects very skillfully...

But, without completely recapping the show, I have to say that through my sneezing and Kleenex, I saw in Mickey Rourke someone who wears his troubles so very clearly - not proudly, but honestly. I admire this real quality. It makes me realize that probably the only person I'm so honest with is Steinvic. And I write honestly here, though even this is somewhat edited and - let's face it - anonymous.

So here is to Mr. Rourke for being his true, endearingly flawed, incredibly talented, raw self. It takes great courage to put it all out there - not screaming to the world, "Hey, I'm messed up! Pay attention to me!" but instead saying, "Hey, I've been living my pain for a long time...thanks for noticing now. Thanks for caring about what makes me tick. I can't believe that you do." And also, here is to him for not being a victim, which is so easy to do, isn't it? You have to watch this show!

Well, I'm televisioned out. I never sit still on the couch! So, that's it for now...I'm heading for bed soon... be well.

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