Thursday, April 8, 2010

Another Product Endorsement For Which I Will Not Receive Compensation - Maybelline Expert Eyes Twin Brow & Eye Pencil

I know it's been some time since I've endorsed anything...shame on me! But this product, my friends, gets one of my most enthusiastic endorsements ever.

I didn't just discover Maybelline's Twin Brow & Eye Pencils. No, this is a classic product, something I've been aware of and coveted for most of my life.
My Mom used these when I was a kid. She kept her makeup kit in the bathroom and I'd go in there and pretend to be using the bathroom, when in reality, I'd be fooling with her makeup, dreaming of a day when I could wear it outside of the bathroom. (Had I been born a boy, I am most certain I'd be a drag queen now.) Anyway, I remember seeing the red pointy capped pencils in there among all the other goodies...
So, these little gems have been around a loooooong time, and if Maybelline ever stops making them, I might die.

"How could eye pencils be so important to her?" you wonder... Well, here is a little known fact: I don't have eyebrows! It's true. Me and Whoopie Goldberg and those two from The Thompson Twins. I was born this situation is not from over-plucking. I actually envy my friends who get their eyebrows waxed! I have, like, seven clear hairs above each eye. (Besides looking kinda freaky without makeup, you really miss brows when it's really hot outside...brows keep perspiration out of your eyes!)
Anyway, I don't want to look like Whoopie (no offense to her...she rocks it fine, but I can't) or the Thompson Twins (no offense there, either), but I also never wanted the big chola-type drawn on brows. I also don't want to look like the mother of the girl I went to Jr. High with...she just made one thin, red line above each eye. She may have even had them tattooed on - I don't know. But no matter how they got there, they were not human-looking and she was an absolutely lovely person, inside and out, save for those "brows."

So! Maybelline Twin Brow & Eye Pencils! You don't want to use these on your actual eyes as liner (as the name implies) unless you want to melt the tips of them on a hot lightbulb or with a match or lighter like my sister did back in the 80's with her hard liners. No, Maybelline Twin Brow & Eye Pencils are really rockin' because they are hard and waxy - perfect for brows, just not so perfect for eyes.
Hard and waxy is just what you want when you want to sketch fine, feathery, hair-looking lines on your brow. Whether you're filling in or creating the whole darn thing like I have to, these waxy pencils sharpen to a needly tip and are perfect for brow enhancing.

Stop to sharpen once or twice as you're sketching short, easy strokes across your brow. In minutes, you've got what you were meant to have - full, shapely, feminine eyebrows.

What's even better is, you get TWO (thus the "twin") pencils in every pack! AND, they are butt-cheap...a pack is less than $4, depending on where you go.

Tip - when you begin using the second pencil in the pack? Go and buy your next pack. Then, you're never without a pencil. Another tip - watch your Walgreens flyers for the B1G1 50% off Maybelline specials, and you can get two packs for under $6!!

That way, you'll never be out of your Twin Brow pencils! (Unlike me, who used the remainder of my stub this morning and will have to buy a pack on the way home, or not leave the house tomorrow!)
Let me know how you like them! I've stopped trying other brands because they are mushy/don't last/too expensive while being ineffective. These are the way to go for awesome, natural looking brows!

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