Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday, Young Man...

Today is Steinvic's son's birthday... He is 20 today.

As hard as I imagine it is for his Mom and Dad to believe that he's 20, it's also kind of wild for me. When I met him, he was 13. Just a boy. And now...well, he's a Young Man.

He is smart, sensitive, creative, deep thinking, funny, playful, adventurous, thoughtful, talented, conscientious...a lot like his Dad.

And over these years, the coolest thing has happened: he has become my friend.

So, here's to you, Young Man... to all of the wonderful times you've had and the places you've seen so far, and to all of the amazing adventures you'll have in the future. I am so looking forward to listening to the music you bring to the world in everything you do. Happy Birthday...

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