Thursday, April 15, 2010

Unloved Carpenter Bees

Because, really, what more appropriate title can you think of for a post about Carpenter Bees deciding they want to live with you?

(It's been too long since you've experienced any of my "amazing" artwork...)

Right now, Steinvic is off purchasing murderous substances to kill the Carpenter Bees who have decided they'd like to share our home.

Yes, you read correctly: I - the pescetarian who employs the capture/release method to purge the occasional spider or moth from our home - is in full support of outright murdering one of G*d's wee creatures.

If they made "Please-uninvite-yourselves-from-our-fair-door-frame" Spray, I'd encourage Steinvic to buy that instead. But since they don't, poison will have to do.

I didn't know we had them. I'd seen sawdust in our doorway before and assumed that our association's maintenance folks had been by to do or fix something. So, make a mental note...if you ever see random piles of sawdust, look up! Chances are, someone is burrowing.

We even instinctively plugged the perfectly round, little hole last year before we knew what they were. Guess what? They burrowed through the plug!

So, they're back. Last night, the male was dive bombing me while I was using the grill. I got online this morning and Googled, bees burrow wood and voila! Carpenter Bees. They're destructive. And they can eventually break through, into your home. I don't want a swarm of bees in our house! I would freak out big time.

The site said that Raid should handle the problem, so there you go. Hopefully, the assassination will be complete and no damage done... I'll keep you posted!

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