Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Everything Has A Place...

So, the last week has been all about getting situated and I've been working at it in my spare moments. Of course, my most productive night was the one that Steinvic spent in Columbus, but it isn't his fault that I don't wanna work as much when he is home! It's a good thing, actually...I've been a major Taskosaurus for years, cramming as many things into an evening as possible Monday through Thursday and not really living. Having Steinvic in the house makes me want to do more fun things and less work things, and I think that is just what I need.

I do know that everything doesn't have to be done at once. I know this. BUT, our friend, Em, is coming to stay with us starting next Tuesday. She has some certification course here (she lives in St. Louis) and, while she can pick up the class at a variety of locations in the country, she always picks the Ohio courses so that she can come stay with us. We're excited to have her, and I know she would understand the chaos...

But I don't operate that way. Which means my to do list is insane, but I'm plugging away. I got about 60% of the office organized.

You might think that is strange, because she won't stay in the office, right? Ah, but if I get the office situated, I can put the collection of weathered paperback books on Steinvic's shelf which now resides in the office.

And that means I can load Steinvic's slick, handsome, coffee table style books into the bookshelf downstairs where the old paperbacks currently reside. And that means having 5 less boxes in the house!

And having a path in the office means that we can neatly stack boxes in the office closet, clearing more floor space until we can get to them.

And and and... It's never ending. But it's great fun to me, mixing all of our belongings together. I actually scheduled a vacation day for next week so I can get a ton of stuff done and finally get the haircut I've needed for the last month (it's really bad now, folks...)

Sure, I missed Steinvic when we drove our separate ways on Tuesday morning...but the difference is that I knew I'd see him the next night. That is what this whole thing has been about - finally being together. It's GREAT!

Soon we'll start dreaming about the wedding again and planning for that celebration. I think in a month or so, we'll have a pretty good idea of what that all will be like...

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